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User Experience/User Interface

Let’s Get That Ball Rolling

You’ve always wanted to create a business website, so what’s stopped you? It’s possible, and you’ve seen it happen for friends, family and strangers, so why can’t you? You need help, a sort of digital architect—that’s us.


Let’s get you up and running, fast.

The hardest part about starting something is actually doing it, but sometimes it’s as easy as grabbing a cup of coffee or going to your email. It’s as easy as telling your plan; 1-year, 5-year and so on to a friend. What do you want to happen with your business? What problems do you face that you may otherwise be blind to?


That Unique Process in 7 Steps


After the discovery phase and all your ideas are spread out, our designers compile every note and sample that needs to happen for your site. Here they figure out design flaws and successes as well as what works and doesn’t work for you.

User Experience

Once the overall design of the site is decided upon we will begin working on the user experience. This includes placement of calls to action on pages, the flow of the site, making sure it is easy to use, etc.

Discovery Phase

This is where the magic happens. You’ll come to our office and here the entire project is laid out from start to finish. You sit down with developers, designers–anyone that can be affiliated or helpful to your site.

Back-End Development

We use PHP/MySQL to build the back-end of the website to ensure that it is scalable and secure. Our custom framework is modular, which means if you want a change years down the line that can happen.

Front End Development

Once back-end development is completed, as expected, we move onto the front-end. In order to build this up we’ll be using the latest W3C standards, HTML, CSS and jQuery to build a front- end that is fast, scalable and is cross-browser compatible for Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 7+, Safari 4+ and Chrome.


Throughout the development process, to ensure functionality and appearance, we test on multiple browsers. Once the site has been fully populated and is in preparation to go live, we will initiate an extensive Q&A on the complete site

Starter UX/UI Management

$99 /month

  • up to 1 hour
Professional UX/UI Management

$249 /month

  • up to 3 hours
Enterprise UX/UI Management

$499 /month

  • up to 6 hours