Sales Generation Machine

Affiliate software to constantly promote and sell your products and services.

Do you have a website?

Real Sales While You Sleep

Chances are your site could be selling more products or services. The problem is that you need a solution that can work even when you are doing more important things. We have done our homework and with our new affiliate solution you can automate your sales process. This tool empowers your current and existing customers to constantly share and promote your brand. With our affiliate software you will see multiple benefits including increased web traffic and a boost in sales.

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Affiliate System

How Affiliate Marketing Works


The affiliate shares a referral link, or adds it to a banner on their website.


The customer clicks on the affiliate link and is redirected to your store.


Hooray! The customer makes a purchase from your store.


The affiliate receives a commission of the sale and keeps promoting.

Higher visibility, more traffic, increased sales.
Real Time Reporting.
Complete Integration.
Manage Your Affiliates.
A Dashboard for your Affiliates to see their progress.
No need to hire a sales team.
Starter Affiliate Management

$99 /month

  • up to 1 hour setup
Professional Affiliate Management

$249 /month

  • up to 3 hours setup
Enterprise Affiliate Management

$499 /month

  • up to 6 hours setup